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The law offices of Iler & Iler, LLP is a family run practice established by brothers, Brooks and Virgil Iler in 1997. With 45 years of combined legal experience, we have handled innumerable personal injury claims from dog attacks, to car accidents, to construction injuries. We also have extensive experience representing clients in obtaining disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, as well as through private and group insurance policies.

Our firm is focused on obtaining fair compensation for disabled and injured individuals. By limiting the scope of our practice to these two areas of law, we believe that we are able to take a very active role in the management of our clients’ cases and do not become overwhelmed by an unmanageable case load. We always make sure to keep our clients fully informed about any developments in their case. Rest assured that when you call the firm to discuss your case, you will have direct access to the attorney on your case and will talk to someone familiar with your file every time.

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